The great outdoors has much to offer those who participate in the experience. It offers learning opportunities that cannot be experienced or taught in an indoor environment. Once experienced, the call of the wild for higher education continues for a lifetime. The following events have proven to be accurate in predicting weather events and wildlife behavior in the southern United States.

Owl hoots before 7am weather will change before 11am. The change in weather may be easily observed or be more subtle at other times. I have observed a drastic weather event change from clear sky to downpour before 11am. Other events observed have been as subtle as a change in wind direction, change from clear to cloudy sky or change from cloudy to clear sky. To a greater or lesser extent, some type of weather change is most likely to take place when the owl hoots before 7am. This reminds me of a story of two old timers expressing amazement at the function of a Thermos bottle. They observed that it keeps cold liquid cold and hot liquid hot. Their question to each other was “how do it know that?” The same question can be asked of the owl predicting a weather change. “How do it know that?”

If it thunders in February, there will be cool weather on the same date in April. This can prove beneficial to advance planning of fishing trips in April to avoid fishing immediately after a cool front when fish are less likely to bite.

Winds from the east, the fish bite the least. There have been many fishing trips made that proved this as accurate. Unless I have a severe case of cabin fever and just want to enjoy a day on the water, east wind keeps my boat in dry dock.

Winds from the west, the fish bite the best.

Three consecutive days of frost, rain shortly follows.

Three consecutive days of morning fog, rain shortly follows.

Red sky in the morning; sailor take warning. The weather will change from fair to some type of significant weather event within the day. Matthew 16:3

Red sky at night, a sailor’s delight. The weather will be generally fair for a few days. Matthew 16:2

Ground Hog Day. The legend has it that if the ground hog sees his shadow on February 2, there will be 6 more weeks of winter. Since many of the southern United States do not have ground hogs, the nutria serves as a suitable substitute if you follow this legend. My observation has been that if the nutria sees his shadow there will be 6 more weeks of winter, if he does not, winter will last a month and a half longer.

Take an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors for it is truly full of the knowledge of God. Romans 1:20

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